Case Study: Ligado Networks Works with TeleWorld Solutions to Connect the Public to Critical Weather Data

Solution: Cloud-based Content Delivery Network Design, Architecture, Implementation, and Management


Making connections is Ligado Networks’ core mission. Its vision is to modernize American infrastructure by creating commercial and technology solutions that deliver highly secure and ultra-reliable communications over Custom Private Networks.

Combined with its state-of-the-art satellite technology, Ligado will help accelerate 5G technologies for the critical businesses that are keeping the U.S. connected and paving the way for future innovations.

One such initiative is the development of a cloud-based content delivery network (CDN) designed to expand access to critical weather data by providing the best, most-up-to-date weather data to forecasters, governments, and academic institutions.


The ability to forecast and study weather is highly dependent on the meteorological information we can access.

The latest generation of NOAA geostationary satellites (GOES) are delivering more accurate and higher resolution data at greater frequency. However only a handful of U.S. entities have access to such weather data.

Costly satellite receiving dishes and the need for specialized expertise create hurdles that few can overcome. This is despite the fact that advanced cloud technology enables alternative access to the latest GOES broadcast data to anyone with an internet connection.


TeleWorld Solutions teamed up with Ligado Networks to develop an easily accessible and reliable AWS cloud-based content delivery network (CDN). The goal was to allow anyone to receive easy access to GOES broadcast data.

The CDN would enable any user to view, collect, and retrieve GOES data with virtually no up-front costs.

TeleWorld Solutions and Ligado Networks had partnered on various wireless projects since 2012. Building on this established relationship, our expert engineers collaborated with Ligado Networks to design, architect, test, orchestrate, implement and provide ongoing management support of the CDN.

The network is robust, reliable, secure, and accessible— and can be immediately scaled to provide access to many users.


Through its partnership with TeleWorld, Ligado Networks was able to deliver a groundbreaking and advanced cloud-networking technology that is an enhanced alternative to direct satellite dish reception.

The solution that TeleWorld helped develop connects people with treasure troves of data. The CDN has the potential to transform weather forecasting by making government data publicly available to those in academia, industry, and the general public who are interested in improving weather-related outcomes associated with economic activity and the protection of property, lives, and livelihoods.