TeleWorld Solutions Integrates Automation for 5G Network Testing

As wireless operators get ready to test future networks – from Massive MIMO to 5G – traditional testing techniques will soon become obsolete. Operators will need to generate large amounts of data in the field and network splicing will make it more important than ever to have the ability to isolate the air-interface performance.

A Tier One operator approached TeleWorld Solutions with this exact challenge. Our innovative solution leveraged an enterprise level analytics solution from our partner Keysight Technologies that provides deep insight into the customer’s experience and the network performance of their wireless systems. We integrated the testing platform into the operator’s network and developed custom specialized workflows that automated technology validation and performance. To ensure the operator could test high volume data without stressing the backhaul, we also developed a localized load generator.

The solution, with its customizable pre-configurable test cases and automated report generation, allows the operator to complete 5G testing five times faster and generate reports ten times quicker thanks to analytics-based processing engines.