TeleWorld Solutions’ IT Services Expand to the Cloud, Delivering an Enhanced Customer Experience

A significant gamechanger for TeleWorld Solutions and its clients in recent years has been the expansion of its portfolio of IT services to the cloud. By moving hundreds of servers and on-premise network infrastructure off-premise, TeleWorld Solutions’ growing client base has benefited from enhanced reliability and efficiency.

Leveraging the flexibility and scalability of the cloud, infrastructure and service changes can be applied in minutes using highly reliable, resilient solutions and designs developed by TeleWorld Solutions’ cloud experts.

“Our analytical cloud-based projects utilize the latest technologies and tools including market leading planning, software development, testing, post-processing, and data analytics,” said Shervin Gerami, Chief Executive Officer, TeleWorld Solutions. “We have successfully architected, implemented and maintained multiple cloud-based services including highly resilient and secure content delivery networks (CDN) that minimize cost and dramatically improve reliability and efficiency for our customers.”

For example, for one of our projects we are using custom-designed CDN to quickly and securely deliver near-real time data from various sensors to customers, including scientists and U.S. universities. We are processing data and delivering various cloud-based test tools and infrastructures to the industry leaders such as Samsung, Sprint, Verizon, and T-Mobile with low-latency, high transfer speeds, and at a low cost.

To manage and monitor delivery, the solution uses DDoS mitigation technologies, advanced load balancing, and Lambda functions. While post-processing services utilize cloud compute resources to process raw data files to extract information on-the-fly.

“In the two years since implementing the cloud integration, TeleWorld Solutions’ IT services have grown over 200% year-over-year,” said Gerami. “Our success factors are deep cloud, security, and software development expertise; SDLC; and Agile project management – made possible by some of the brightest minds in the industry. We constantly strive to implement innovative ideas, improve processes, and apply proven engineering principles to each project. The result is zero delivery failures throughout the two years of system operation.”