Expertise beyond.

Your problems are unique. They need unique answers that guide you not toward the best practices of today, but toward the better practices of tomorrow.

Delivering expertise beyond means finding the best people, cultivating expertise, seeking out innovative answers, and redefining what’s possible. It means envisioning a better solution, one that’s customized – then developing the tools, techniques, and systematic processes needed to make it a reality.

Always at the forefront of innovation, and with a future-focused approach – that’s the heart of our expertise. And that’s how we’re changing the face of wireless.


We continuously refine strategies and optimize assets to ensure superior network performance anytime, anywhere. Whether it’s managing and offloading traffic, sizing data centers more effectively, or validating features with the very best testing, operational management processes, and SLAs, our solutions help you keep pace in a rapidly changing mobile environment.


Scale your wireless network to meet demand and support future device readiness. Our consumer-centric approach uses innovative testing and benchmarking methodologies while emulating real end-user activity. Plus, our golden baseline program supports IoT and 5G device certification from the moment a new device is introduced in your network through its entire lifecycle. With more accurate assessments, we make possible the quality of service you and your customers expect, no matter how many devices connect to your network.

  • Device Certification for Tier 1 operator
  • Device Benchmarking for Customer performance for OEM
  • New Device network integration for 20 flagship devices

Small Cells

We help devise smarter strategies for your small cells, then build turnkey systems, processes, and knowledge bases needed to manage them at scale, thereby increasing network spectral efficiency. We’ve deployed thousands of small cells nationally, with hundreds deployed in less than five months.

  • Designed small cells for 4 tier 1 operators in the US
  • Deployed over 20,000 indoor and outdoor small cells
  • Optimized 7000 small cells for Tier 1 operator


Whether enterprise, stadium, campus, or in between, we employ a best-practices approach to planning, designing, deploying, testing, and optimizing DAS networks. Our team of industry experts brings a consultative approach and technical expertise that helps our clients navigate the often murky waters of technology roadmapping, hardware selection, business evaluation and ROI, and carrier coordination.

  • National recognized DAS audit program for Operators, Casinos, and Neutral host providers.
  • Over 500 venues performed
  • Designed over 100,000,000 sq.ft of Venues
  • Tested and optimized over 10,000 nodes.


We design and deploy high-performance Wi-Fi networks the right way with turnkey solutions that deliver maximum coverage and minimum spend in the shortest time. Services include initial strategy, budgeting, site and tower vendor selection, business case analysis and justification, QC testing, and reporting – proven processes that ensure high-quality and expedited designs.

  • National recognized WiFi turn-key provider
  • 170,000 outdoor WiFi nodes designed, deployed, and tested nationally
  • Indoor WiFi network for over 100 venues


As space for new macrocell towers dwindles, we can optimize and seamlessly integrate these assets into dense architectures of diverse cell sizes and placements. Trust our engineers to devise, test, and perfect the creative application and alignment of macrocells, picocells, and femtocells for the best possible performance of your HetNet networks.

  • Designed 50,000 macros for 4 Tier 1 operators
  • Tower and Antenna Audits for Tier 1 operator
  • Hetnet design for 20,000 small cells for Tier 1 operator

Big Data and Analytics

Our innovative big data platform can help you turn petabytes of operational and location-based data into actionable information that drives business value. The platform blends data from siloed, fragmented, and unstructured sources and compiles it into an easy-to-understand format for fast, actionable insights. We dig deeper into the information to forecast demand, analyze factors that drive customer churn, predict network performance, and more.

IoT and Smart Cities

Our understanding, knowledge, and experience — gained through numerous IoT and smart city initiatives developed nationwide — can help you identify the right solutions and integrate IoT components with each other and back-end systems. As technology, spectrums, and deployment strategies evolve, we simplify the integration of complex components based on business need and vendor fit.

Cloud Applications / Infrastructure Design and Support

We help our customers design, build and operate cloud-based applications and secure cloud and hybrid infrastructures that are made for specific business requirements. We also provide multiple other benefits, including cost optimization, high reliability, and flexibility. Migrate from your legacy data center to the cloud with the confidence of real-time provisioning, better cost-efficiency, higher performance and reliability, and greater elasticity.


Our Information Risk and Security solutions include the technology, services, and designs that ensure your business-critical infrastructure and resources are protected. We provide a range of services that secure mobile and cloud infrastructures, corporate networks, endpoints, and applications against today’s persistent and evolving threats.

Technology Proofing and Validation

Our proprietary automated solutions, built on an industry standard platform, can test, validate, and proof hundreds of cases in just hours. As network complexity increases, our rigorous technology proofing and validation of network features, device capabilities, and interoperability ensures that multiple OEMs and consumer devices work well together. Meanwhile, our dashboard-based output views help you make decisions faster.


We provide full lifecycle support of 5G network technologies, including initial evaluation, testing, design, deployment, and network optimization. Using automated design processes, big data analytics platforms, and a proven track record of successful small cell deployments, we can help you confidently navigate the road to 5G – whether mmWave or Sub-6Ghz.


Since the FCC freed up the 3550-3700 MHz band, we’ve helped design, test, and model tune CBRS networks for leading providers. To expedite design and deployment, our nationwide tower database compiled from national tower databases and partners, including is integrated into the design process. And our extensive OEM connections help you create reliable managed networks to support future consumer demand.